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Bend Transitional Care
900 NE 27th Avenue
Bend, OR 97701


Bend Transitional Care Testimonials

Here are a few experiences that residents of Bend Transitional Care and their families have shared with us.

To One and All,

I am safely home…

However, no one brings me breakfast in bed or ice water several times a day. I sit at my dining room table and there is no cloth place mat, or flatware rolled in a cloth napkin, no one asks me what I would like to drink or sets a nicely prepared meal attractively arranged before me. I have a bell that I can ring, but no one answers it. My laundry is piling up, but no one comes to pick it up, bring it back either on hangers or neatly folded and puts it away. My house gathers dust on surfaces and floors and no one comes daily to clean. No one reminds me of doctor appointments and makes sure I have transportation to get there. No one keeps track of my meds – which ones, when, etc. No nurses or aides to give me excellent care and visit with me. No one delivers mail to my room. No administrative staff to smile, chat with, or wave at from the hallway. No one to tease, laugh with and give a bad time to. No one graciously accepts phone calls for me and transfers them to me when they don’t have the correct phone line to my room.

Each of you has had a vital impact on my life – not only because of your excellent care but because many of you also gave a glimpse into your lives outside of being caregivers and your lives outside of bend Transitional Care.

Thanks, too, for the “goodbye card” with all the kind words. They made my day, but also made me cry. my heartfelt thanks to each of you. I miss all of you!!!


Dear Bend Transitional Care,

I would like to say thank you to the staff that worked with my mother while she was at your facility.

Special thanks to Nurses Nicole and Christine CNAs Cynthia and Stephanie, CMAs Sarah and I’m not sure hwat Jamie’s title is, but Mom said he was amazing also. Housekeeping staff Kelli, who went above and beyond making sure everything was just right in Mom’s room.

Each of the men and women showed so much care and compassion, while being completely professional, that Mom stopped being frightened after a few days. It is so very hard for a 92-year-old that doesn’t see well, and is having trouble hearing, also can’t move freely, to turn her well being over to people she doesn’t know, but your staff made it so much easier for her.

I would like to offer another shout out to Sarah, who once she realized that Mom couldn’t take all her pills at once, without throwing them back up, took the time to give them to her slowly…it was the only way she could keep them down. What a blessing Sarah is!

Johnny is such a great asset to your business, Being the first impression that some people get of your place, when he picks them up at the hospital. So warm and friendly, caring and yet business-like.

Jennifer and Becky are also wonderful examples of what a business needs to succeed, especially in a small town like Bend. I have lived here since 1960 and am so pleased to have you in town!

Best always,

To All at Bend Transitional Care,

You know you’re often thought about, but every now and then it’s nice to send a note along to tell you so again!

Have now seen both my orthopedic surgeon and primary care P.A. and was delighted to share with them the good care I received at Bend Transitional Care – and what a pleasure it was to be in your great facility. Both expressed interest because that is not the usual response they receive from patients who have been in a rehab center. They were also both pleased to see how well I am doing (walking on my own – no cane, etc.). And I was able to tell them it was because of the excellent care I received. They both said that obviously I had received “top notch” physical therapy. I agree! Best wishes to all of you! — J.

Dear Everett,

I just wanted to send a sincere thank you! You and your staff are amazing and your partnership in serving seniors is appreciated. I especially want to tell you how grateful I am to you for your leadership in creating such a fine team. Becky at the front desk is exceptional as a first impression. Jennifer is always helpful and represents Bend Transitional Care so professional in the community, and Jeanie also is fantastic at what she does and works so hard to make things come together. I enjoy coming to Bend Transitional. It’s always a delightful experience. Keep up the great work!


(After a total knee replacement), I stayed in the hospital an extra day and went directly to Bend Transitional Care for a week. I received Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy, the latter daily and on a couple of occasions twice a week. I worked with a creative, motivating Physical Therapist and I found her a joy to work with.

The nursing staff, aides, transportation, were all friendly, helpful and encouraging to me.

My Physical Therapist here in Portland was very impressed when I walked in for my first appointment using only a cane. I was way ahead of where I had been at week 3 with my first total knee replacement.

Please convey my thanks to the entire staff for their part in my speedy recovery. I saw my Dr. last week and he assured me that I’m going to have a very good summer. My goal is the hiking trails on and around the Mt. Hood area and beyond!